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Within Nord-Trøndelag County, which lies in the middle of Norway, you find Innherred. The scenery in this part of Norway is filled with beautiful farms, agricultural areas, fjords and mountains. Yttervik lays within the most northern part of Innherred. The farm is located in the mountainside, and it has a terrific view over Beitstadfjorden.

Yttervik has remodelled the farms old greenhouse, and turned it into a banquet facility which rooms over 150 people. In spite of this big capacity, it also works very well for smaller groups of people. We serve local food, prepared in traditional Norwegian ways but somewhat inspired by the international kitchen, spiced up with herbs from our own garden. We arrange a lot of private happenings, such as weddings and birthdays. A lot of companies choose to hold their courses, meetings and Christmas celebrations to our idyllic farm. Groups of people might come over for lunch, dinner or other activities that Yttervik have to offer. The activities include cooking classes where we look especially into the use of herbs, dancing and hiking with guides in nearby areas. Beitstad and Steinkjer are the areas in Trøndelag, where you can find the most rock carvings from, among others, the Bronze Age and the Stone Age.

Yttervik is a member of Norsk Økoturisme (Norwegian Ecotourism), a network of companies that are based on nature and culture, and strives to create an operation that is as environmentally sustainable as possible; balancing ecological, cultural, social and economic requirements.

Norway’s geographical midpoint also lies within the municipality of Steinkjer. It is about a one hour drive from the centre of Steinkjer, and an additional hour of walking before you reach the midpoint, but the wild-life experience makes the trip worthwhile. In addition Yttervik gard is a member of Norges geografiske midtpunkt (Norway’s geographical midpoint). This is a network of travel agents, in Steinkjer, that offer activities, over-night trips, food and tailored tours.

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Åslaug Bratberg – owner and daily leader
Phone: +47 74 14 18 18
Mobile phone: +47 926 58 506
Adress: Yttervik, 7730 Beitstad
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